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To those of you who’ve ventured here after reading one of my books, thank you for letting my characters share your life for a short while. Feel free to wander about. You may find some of my other heroes and heroines entertaining, as well. :-)

To those of you who are new to my stories, I hope you’ll sample the excerpts provided. I like brawny warriors in any age, be they modern or medieval, so you’ll find plenty of them on my pages.

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“McCleave skillfully interweaves action, magic, mythology, and love to produce a fast-paced, satisfying story.” – Publishers Weekly, on Surrender to Darkness

“This is a spectacular new installment in the Soul Gatherers series. The mystery behind the veil, the thrilling action and the breathtaking romance made for a phenomenal read.” – Steph, Bookaholics Romance Book Club, on Surrender to Darkness

“A twist on the standard myths, it’s a unique and engaging story…” – RT Book Reviews, on Surrender to Darkness

“Pretty steamy book. Loved it.” – S.M., reader reviewer at Smashwords, on Tempting the Knight

“A fascinating historical romance. An enjoyable read.” – F.S., reader reviewer at Smashwords, on Tempting the Knight


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