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Jun 24 2011

I know many of you are waiting for news of the next Soul Gatherer novel, and I’m sad to say the series has come to an end…sort of. There are no more books scheduled for release from NAL Signet Eclipse. However, since I know my fans are seeking some closure, I’ll be self-publishing an e-book short story in September to wrap up a few loose ends. I’m still working out the details of the story, so I can’t tell you who the hero and heroine are yet, but I soon as I have deets, I’ll share them.

To help you get your fix of hot heroes in the meantime, I’ve released a full-length e-book paranormal romance on Amazon, called Dark Deceiver. It’s not set in the Soul Gatherer world–it’s a novel I wrote before I sold the first book in the Soul Gatherer series–but with any luck, Daemon Kemp (the hero) will rock your world as much as he did mine.

I’ll be releasing the book in other formats besides Amazon Kindle over the next couple of weeks. I’ll update this post when they’re available. Other versions of Dark Deceiver, including web browser .HTML and Adobe Acrobat .PDF, are now available at All Romance eBooks.

If you don’t have an e-reader, take heart. You can still read the book on your computer. Most of the major e-reader companies provide free reading applications for the PC, MAC, iPhone, Android phones, and more. Try:

Barnes & Noble

You can also read PDF and EPUB files with Adobe Digital Editions. It’s a free download, as well.

Digital Editions

2 comments to And Now for Something a Little Different…

  1. On July 20, 2011 at 12:27am, Kaylene said...

    No more Soul Gatherer?! I’m seriously devistated. Hopefully another publisher will want to pick up where the series left off. Either way, please don’t stop writing. Your books are great and I’m sure you’ve got a huge fan base that would support all your endeavors. Consider me one of the dedicated people behind you!

  2. On July 20, 2011 at 9:56am, Annette McCleave said...

    Thanks for the cheer, Kaylene! Writing is in my blood–I doubt I’ll ever stop. :-) I hope you’ll try downloading the e-novella I will publish in September. I’ll post details soon.

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