Winner of August giveaway

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Sep 1 2010 has spoken, and the winner of the copy of Jennifer Haymore’s A Touch of Scandal is….Bethany! Congratulations, Bethany! Send me your snail mail addy via my contact page and I’ll get the book out to you ASAP.

Happy September, all.

This and That

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Aug 5 2010

In addition to reading some fabulous books and working on my next novel, I’ve been helping my sister out the last two weeks.

She broke her ankle which, as I’ve discovered vicariously, totally sucks. Unlike a leg break, an ankle break needs careful nurturing if it’s to heal without permanent issues. She can’t put her weight on it—at all—for the next four weeks. Did I mention that crutches are a pain in the *ss? Case in point, you can’t carry a cup of coffee and perambulate at the same time.  Where’s the justice in that?

It’s also her driving foot, so she’s unable to get places. Like work, her kids’ music classes, soccer games, and grocery shopping.  Enter the helpful sister. At least for some of that stuff.

It reminds me that there are advantages to being a writer. Really. I don’t have to drive to get to work. I can work just about anywhere, as long as I have a pen and paper. I’m also very unlikely to break my ankle while sitting at a desk. Unless I get tangled in extension cords and trip on the way to the coffee pot.

I can also take time out to bake. Yes, I said bake. Now before you get any crazy ideas that I’m a cook, here’s how the idea got started: I was staring into my fruit bowl, where low and behold the bananas were turning black, and I got inspired. Banana bread. Better yet, I’d just read a web article about Jenny Crusie’s latest novel, Maybe This Time, and it happened to mention a recipe for banana bread. Serendipity!

Better yet, the recipe looked both delicious and easy. So I tried it. Yum, yum. I recommend it. I’ll have to go buy Jenny’s book when it comes out at the end of August. ‘Cause it sounds delicious, too.


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Aug 1 2010

I’ve been doing a lot of reading this summer, thoroughly enjoying a bevy of wonderful contemporaries, paranormals, and historicals. I thought I’d share my bliss with my readers and give away a book. What book? Well, a fellow romance author, Jennifer Haymore, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer–a disease which has hit my family hard. To support her and her wonderful writing, I’m giving away a copy of Jennifer’s recent historical release, A Touch of Scandal.

To win, all you need to do is comment on my blog between August 1 and August 31st, 2010. I’ll pick one winner from the commenters using and announce the winner on September 1st.

Good luck!

Romance writer?

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Jul 24 2010

Are you a romance writer hoping to get published with Harlequin? If so, you might want to check out this New Voices contest run  by Harlequin Mills & Boon. The grand prize is a year of editorial guidance, a publishing contract, and an iPad. Not bad.

Happy Canada Day!

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Jul 1 2010

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians. I hope you have a terrific holiday and have plans to celebrate in style. I’m celebrating, too. Not just the 143rd anniversary of the birth of our nation,  but the latest cover of my Soul Gatherer books.

The first two covers of my Soul Gatherer series, Drawn into Darkness and Bound by Darkness, both featured hot guys with swords.  The focus was the body and the mystical elements of the weapons and the backgrounds. I loved them both.

With Surrender, my publisher is taking a slightly different approach. Don’t worry, there’s still a hot guy with a sword on the front! I’d be heartbroken if my Soul Gatherers lost their moment in the spotlight. But instead of the chopped off head and bare chest, Surrender to Darkness has the full image of my hero, Murdoch, in a more active pose. My editor and the marketing team at NAL did an awesome job of finding a look-alike and dressing him in the attire he wears in the book, right down to the motorcycle boots.

I love this cover, too! Take a look:

So, what do you think?

Another German Sale

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Jun 29 2010

I’m thrilled to announce that the third book in the Soul Gatherer series, Surrender to Darkness, will be published in Germany! The German rights to Drawn into Darkness and Bound by Darkness sold last Fall, so this is wonderful news. I can’t wait to see covers.

Speaking of covers…I’ll reveal the totally rockin’ cover of Surrender to Darkness on Thursday, Canada Day. Stay tuned.

Edits Surrendered

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Jun 22 2010

The general edits for book 3 are done and the book is off to the copy editor. If you’re confused, you’re not alone. It took me a while to sort out the process, too. A copy editor looks at the grammar, style, and consistency of the book, where my editor focuses on the bigger picture elements such as plot and character development.

So, what’s the name of this mysterious third book, you ask? Surrender to Darkness. If you’ve read Bound by Darkness, then you’ve met the hero, Murdoch. Being a Soul Gatherer is challenging enough, but Murdoch’s got an added burden–he’s a berserker.

I’ll post the blurb and the cover art in days to come…:-)

Release Contest Winners!

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Jun 1 2010

Using, I’ve drawn three names from the 84 entries I received and the winners of the contest are:

1. The winner of a copy of Bound by Darkness is…Anne (amuller38)

2. The winner of both books is…Lee (reborn400)

3. The winner of the $50 gift card is…Pam (scrtsbpal)


I’ll follow up with the winners via email to get addresses. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and entered for helping me celebrate my release.

Double Trouble

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May 13 2010

I’m in two places at once today! Join me at The Romance Dish, a terrific romance review and commentary site, for a discussion on sexy heroes. And join me at The SciFi Guy, the best blog around for discussing paranormal, urban fantasy and speculative fiction, for a chat about EVIL villains.

Natch, you can win copies of Bound by Darkness at both spots. Double your chances of winning–stop by them both!

MamaWriters Community

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May 12 2010

If you’re a writer and a parent, or a reader who just wants to get to know your favorite authors a little better, check out the MamaWriters  Community.  One of the co-founders is my fellow Golden Heart finalist/winner, Kris Kennedy. The blog topics are terrifically relevant (they recently published an awesome article on breast cancer check-ups), and they host a variety of romance authors. Including yours truly. I’m over there today, talking about Single Authorhood–being a writer and a single parent.

If you get the chance, please stop by.

FF&P Blog

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May 6 2010

I’m over at the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter’s blog today. If you ever wanted to try using an outline to help you write, but were concerned it would zap you creativity, check out my helpful hints on Keeping Your Story Fresh When Working with an Outline.

Novel Thoughts

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May 5 2010

Today’s blog tour destination is Novel Thoughts, where I’ve shared a few details of Brian and Lena’s first meet. Stop by to chat and for a chance to win a copy of Bound by Darkness.

What’s In a Name?

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May 4 2010

I’m at Donna Grant’s blog today. Do you attach meaning to names, especially when it comes to romance heroes? Stop by and share your point of view. And yes, there’s a chance to win Bound by Darkness. :-)

Annette McCleave, World Traveler

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May 3 2010

Okay…perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration. :-) But I’m definitely out and about the blogosphere this week and next to celebrate the release of Bound by Darkness…which is tomorrow. Yay!! I like to see familiar faces when I’m guest blogging, so please stop by if you have the chance.

Today’s stop is Lynda Hilburn’s Paranormality Universe.

Lynda writes the acclaimed vampire shrink novels. I hope you’ll check them out. Here’s what Romance Junkies said: “In a genre full of vampire stories, it’s hard to imagine that there’s a twist on the old theme you haven’t read. So when you come across one, it’s always a delight. THE VAMPIRE SHRINK was such a treat to read. I was ensnared from the get go and didn’t want it to end.”

Fun Interview

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Apr 28 2010

Ever wonder what it would be like to interviewed by Captain Jack Sparrow? I got my chance and the result was quite funny. It was definitely one of the most snicker-worthy interviews I’ve ever done. Go check it out!

The Last Word