Dark Deceiver


Dark Deceiver

Paranormal Romance Novel
Available as Ebook only
ISBN: 978-098772430-4

LifeHolder Zoë Taylor has been protecting humans from evil for almost three hundred years. She knows there’s something off about the darkly powerful stranger she meets one night in a bar. He’s about as far from her usual date as she can imagine, but a delicious mystery like Daemon Kemp just begs to be solved.

Daemon’s attraction to Zoë is fierce, irresistible … and oh-so-wrong. He’s on a mission to save his people, and if the beautiful LifeHolder discovers who he is and what he’s after, his world will spiral into chaos. But, even when it’s the right thing to do, how do you walk away from destiny?

91,900 words. Printed length approx. 335 pages.

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