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May 6 2011

Anyone planning to see the new Thor movie this weekend? I’m a huge fan of Norse mythology, and I’ve been happy with most of the Marvel movies, so for me the decision was a no-brainer. But add eye-candy in the form of Chris Hemsworth (who did an awesome job as George Kirk in the Star Trek movie of 2010) and you’ve made my day.

For A Good Cause

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Nov 25 2010

I’m participating in a huge giveaway over at Literary Escapism where the “entry” for the giveaway is a donation to Child’s Play. If you want a chance to win an ARC of Surrender to Darkness, plus a ton of other great books, check it out!

Child's Play Giveaway

Fun Interview

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Apr 28 2010

Ever wonder what it would be like to interviewed by Captain Jack Sparrow? I got my chance and the result was quite funny. It was definitely one of the most snicker-worthy interviews I’ve ever done. Go check it out!

The Last Word

Thinking of Seeing a Movie?

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Apr 11 2010

I can recommend How to Train Your Dragon. I went to see it with my brother–no kids, just us adults–and we both enjoyed it. Quite apart from the renewal of a childhood urge to have a dragon of my own (thanks, Anne McCaffrey), I thought the plot was fun and listening to Gerard Butler’s lovely Scottish brogue (he plays the dad) was heavenly.

By the way, if you like dragons and Gerard Butler (and you also like Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughy!) I recommend renting Reign of Fire. The dragons are the villains in this one, but it’s still great fun. In a cataclysmic-end-of-the-world sort of way. :-)


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Apr 5 2010

…by Bethany Hensel at b online today.  Writing habits, what actors may or may not have inspired my characters, whether music helps me write–you name it, I talk it. Check it out!


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Jan 12 2010

I love going to the movies. This year, I saw quite a few and enjoyed plenty. I had some surprising faves, so I thought I’d run through my top ten for you:

10.   Terminator Salvation
9.      Up
8.      Wolverine
7.      Sherlock Holmes
6.      The Proposal
5.      Star Trek
4.      Avatar
3.      District 9
2.      The Road
1.      The Hurt Locker

Yup. My favorite movie of last year was a war movie–I can hardly believe it myself. But seriously, The Hurt Locker is an absolutely outstanding film. It’s up for three Golden Globes, including Best Picture, and I understand why. I’ve never been to war and I never want to go, but this movie made me fear for our soldiers as no movie has ever made me fear before. I can’t explain it–it’s a movie experience–but suffice to say I found a five minute segment focused on a fly to be utterly terrifying. That’s how good this movie is.

Avatar beat out Star Trek only because of its amazing world-building and spectacular visuals. But I enjoyed both.

District 9 disturbed me. I did not leave the theater feeling good; I felt discouraged for humankind. But it was very well done and it made me think, and for that it gets third place.

The Road is a movie that made me think, too. It ended on a rather bleak note, but it did the opposite of District 9 and left me with hope.

Anyone else see a movie they loved in 2009? Got any movies you’re really looking forward to in 2010?

Lovely Break

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Dec 28 2009

I had a lovely, leisurely holiday. It included an ice storm overnight Christmas and all the following day–which encouraged me to remain in my pajamas the entire time. But today it’s business as usual. I’m writing, which is fun, and doing chores, which is less fun. I don’t do a lot to celebrate the New Year, except think about my goals for the next twelve months.

On Wednesday I’ll be blogging over at The Romance Dish–I hope you’ll stop by.

Here’s a few photos of the ice. A full day of melting had occurred before I took these shots, so you can imagine how treacherous the walking and driving was.

ice 1

ice 2

ice 3

Happy Halloween!

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Oct 31 2009


I’m Doing NaNoWriMo

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Oct 30 2009

NaNoWriMo, for those of you who haven’t heard of it, is National Novel Writing Month. Each year, during the month of November, thousands of writers sign up on a public website and promise to produce a 50,000 word novel. The public part is to keep themselves honest. :-)

To keep up with the word count required to make the goal, you need to turn off the internal editor and just write, write, write. My internal editor is constantly making me re-write the pages from yesterday, so I thought participating in NaNo might be a good way to shut him up. Or at least turn his volume down.

This is my first stab at NaNoWriMo. To set myself up for success, I’m gathering a few items before I start: a synopsis, a scene list, and character sketches (complete with inspirational pics). When the starting bell goes off on November 1st (Sunday), I want to be ready.

Anyone got any NaNo success tips they want to share?

Free Read

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Oct 20 2009

My contribution to the Romance in the Back Seat round robin story, Stars Are Empty, is going up today! It’s a dark paranormal short story created by a variety of terrific authors and posted in installments. If you haven’t been over there to read it yet, please check it out!



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Oct 14 2009

My new web design is a lot more flxible than the old one and I’ve started to take advantage of it by adding some extra tidbits for my web visitors.

On the side bar of my Books page, you’ll see a new category called Extras. I’ll add to that from time to time, whenever I’ve got something fun. Right now you can read two scenes I deleted from the final drafts of Drawn into Darkness. They’re both fine scenes, but they slowed down the overall flow of the book, so I removed them. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them now. :-)

PASIC Interview

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Oct 14 2009

Susan Vaughan interviewed me over at the PASIC blog today. One of the questions was: What three people–fictional, living or dead–would I invite to dinner, and what would I serve? If you’re curious about my answer, stop by!

And I’m Back

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Jul 20 2009

I had a great time…but it was insanely busy. I mean that in the best possible way.

I met so many wonderful people. The romance industry is by far the most generous group of people I’ve ever worked with. Ladies (and gents) offer help without any expectation of repayment, agents and editors take huge numbers of pitches to provide opportunities to new authors, and even the authors at the top of the heap are ready to extend a helping hand. How could I not have a good time?

Not everything was perfect, of course. My feet are pretty sore. I walked A LOT. I brought super comfortable shoes, but even the best of shoes don’t help when you pack on the mileage. I even got to see something of DC on Sunday, after the conference was officially over. We took the subway to Arlington Cemetery and then to the Smithsonian, where I saw the Hope diamond. Naturally, the museum IMAX theater was playing Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. grin

Unfortunately, although I brought my camera, I didn’t take many pictures. My batteries died on the second day and I wasn’t able to get out to the store to buy more. I know…why didn’t I bring spares? Duh. I forgot to pack my curling iron, too. Live and learn.

All is not lost, however. If you’re on Facebook, there are a few pics posted by other people that prove I was there:

Tammy Plunkett’s page I’m the one in the silver green skirt and black top.
Susan Gee Heino’s page I’m the one in the back wearing a black suit on a swelteringly hot day.

While I was away, I also got a terrific review of Drawn into Darkness from Kimberly Swan of Darque Reviews–I’m tickled! I don’t know if I’ll ever get over the thrill of knowing someone read my book and enjoyed it. I hope I don’t!

Now that I’m back, it’s nose to the creative grindstone. My book is due August 1st and that means you won’t see too much of me until after it’s off to my editor. But I’ll be around. Promise.

A Small Chuckle

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Apr 16 2009

Okay, this is not nearly as funny as most wacky signs, but this one is amusing because I see it every day on a parking garage door. The etymologists will tell you there’s nothing technically wrong with this sign, but common usage says differently. grin


It makes me wonder… Please insure the door latches against what? Theft? Breakage? What would it cost, do you think, to insure just the latches? Less than the whole door, obviously. And why do the owners of the building need help insuring them? Are they really that short of funds? Doesn’t give you a lot of confidence in them, does it?

Two Really Cool (and Romantic) Videos

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Mar 14 2009

First off, there’s this one, which I saw first at the Smart Bitches website. It’s called Signs.

Totally awesome. It takes 12 minutes of your time, because it’s a short film, but it’s well worth the investment. I really enjoyed it.

Then when I shared Signs with my dd, she told me about this one. It’s called World Builder. It’s also awesome–and only requires 9 minutes of your time. This one is not only sweet but also thought provoking, because I can imagine technology reaching this level.