The Power of Words

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May 3 2011

Someone on one of my writing loops pointed to this terrific little video up on YouTube. I think it’s a wonderful take on the power of words. Hope you enjoy it.

On Deadline

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Mar 16 2010

I’m putting the finishing touches on the third book in my Soul Gatherer series, which is due to my publisher at the end of the month. I’m loving the book, but exhausted at the end of each day, so I haven’t been a good blogger. :-(

I’ve posted a small except of Bound by Darkness over at Silk and Shadows today: The first meet between the hero and heroine…  Check it out.


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Feb 2 2010

…in the throes of writing the third Soul Gatherer novel. I’m loving it, but it means my brain is pretty much empty at the end of every day. My daughter is lucky to get dinner on days like this, because my memory for details like what time to start cooking goes right out the window. Thank goodness for that slow cooker I got for Christmas. :-) Chicken tonight.

Lights Out

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Oct 16 2007

A very vivid imagination can be a curse. I can conjure whole fantastical universes from a single odd event. Take this one, for instance:

Yesterday, I walked the dog. Hold on, stop laughing, that’s not the fantastical part. This is–as I walked along under a streetlight, the lamp went out. Not convinced this is a strange story? Happens all the time, right? But wait, I’m getting to the good part … I keep walking and when I’m about fifteen feet away the lamp comes back on. I turn and stare at the bright thing. Not a flicker, not a waver, just lovely bluish fluorescent light.

Okay, I agree, still not very strange. There can be all sorts of reasons a light would go on and off. Except, when I circled the block with the dog and came back past the light again, the exact same thing happened. Naturally skeptical, I stood forty feet away for about ten minutes and waited to see if the light went out while I wasn’t near it. It didn’t. So, I walked back to the light and–lo and behold–it winked out and didn’t come on again until I walked away.

My brain, being a writer’s brain, came up with all sorts of possibilities for why this would occur. Coincidence, obviously. Flawed lightbulb. Electromagnetic energy. Psychic phenomena. I’m in the middle of writing a paranormal romance, so I went with psychic phenomena. What do you think?

So You Think You Can Sing?

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Oct 9 2007

This past weekend, my dad hosted his large family (he was one of 18 kids) for a three-day family reunion. There was a ton of food, lots of great conversation, a bus tour of the city and … singing.

When a family has 18 kids, the money tends to be a little tight, so the primary entertainment in his house for many years was not TV or even the radio, it was sitting around the living room singing. In an understandable fit of nostalgia, my dad decided that we’d dedicate one of the afternoons to vocalizing the songs of the past. One of his nephews brought his guitar, another brought his harmonica set (I didn’t know harmonicas came in sets until then), and the rest of us were encouraged to sing. It’s actually a heap of fun to sing in a big group where your voice gets lost in the crowd. We roared our way through some Beatles, some Elvis Presley, and some Simon and Garfunkel.

All went well until my little part of the family was asked to share some of the songs we sang as kids. Thanks to my parents, I grew up on Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Patti Page, and Edith Piaf, and I made the colossal mistake of choosing The Tennessee Waltz–

My cousin, the guitar player: What note do you want me to play in?
Me: Huh?
Him: (strumming) This okay?
Me: (starting to sing, voice quickly breaking) Maybe that’s a bit too high.
Him: How about this?
Me: (starting to sing, voice going so low nothing is coming out) Maybe that’s a bit too low.
Him: Uhm, there’s no note in between.
Me: (realizing I can’t sing and that I’ve been fooling myself for years) Oh.
Him: (going back to the first note) Well, let’s just go with this one.
Me: (stumbling over words I thought I remembered) I lost my little darling … something something … the beeuuu-tiful Tennessee Waaaaltz
Him: (looking desperately around) Okay, who else would like to sing? Anybody?

Don’t worry folks, you’ll never see me in the audition line-up of American Idol. I promise.