A Few Facts About the Soul Gatherers

What is a Soul Gatherer?

Each Soul Gatherer is a redeemable sinner serving a five hundred year term in purgatory as a warrior for Death. Tasked with collecting the souls of the departed and ensuring those souls arrive at their ultimate destination–heaven or hell–a Soul Gatherer must constantly be on guard against demon soul thieves.


  • Barrier – The mystical separation between the middle plane and each of the other two planes. To cross from hell onto the middle plane, a demon must break through the barrier. Passage through the barrier is marked by arcs of electricity: blue if it’s an angel descending from heaven, red if it’s a demon arriving from hell.
  • Between – A layer of space inside the barrier to hell where nether creatures such as bone sappers and gradiors dwell.
  • Entity spell – A spell generated solely from willpower, enthusiasm, and natural talent.
  • Glamour – The image a demon wears while on the middle plane to hide its true appearance.
  • Havoc demon – A demon who can enter the middle plane for only a few seconds, but is intent on causing as much damage as possible in that time.
  • Helix of Death – A thin pearly white spiral that appears on the cheek of a person marked by Death to die; visible only by the Gatherer tasked with collecting that person’s soul.
  • Lure demon – A powerful demon able to remain on the middle plane for extended periods of time and capable of swaying thoughts
  • Martial demon – An elite soldier demon
  • Pith demon – A demon sent to the middle plane to collect hell-bound souls from Gatherers.
  • Plane – The Soul Gatherer world is divided into three planes: upper, middle, and lower. The upper plane is heaven, the middle plane is earth as we know it, and the lower plane is hell.
  • Primal spell – A root spell provided by the gods.
  • Protectorate – A secret group of priests dedicated to ensuring important religious relics don’t end up in the wrong hands.
  • Psychopomp – An angel sent to the middle plane to collect heaven-bound souls from Gatherers.
  • Purgatory – A 500 year term served with Death to allow a sinner opportunity to prove himself worthy of reaching heaven.
  • Romany Council – A group of Romany mages, unaffiliated with the Protectorate, who help in the battle against Satan.
  • Shade spell - A powerful spell which trades an object on the middle plane for mystical power, resulting in instability in the fabric of the plane. Use is seriously frowned upon.
  • Targe – A round, leather covered wooden shield used by Scots warriors in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Thrall demon – A demon capable of jumping into the bodies and controlling them, except those of the soulless or devout.
  • Void spell – An extremely powerful spell created by drawing on and draining a human soul. Use is outlawed.
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